Intel (Bell Tech) ICC card problems with ISC Unix

Darryl Wagoner darryl at lemuria.MV.COM
Mon Jun 4 01:21:48 AEST 1990

I am trying to install a Intel ICC card into a Mitsubishi MP 386
system.  The problem is that I can't open any of the ports.  The open 
returns with errno 19 (No such device).  

The card is found at boot time and /etc/icc/dload is running.  I have
tried it with the driver from Interactive and Intel both.  It has the
same effect on both 2.0.2 and 2.2 Unix.  I have moved the DMA address
from F0,0000 to F7,0000 and I/O address from 308 to 348 with no
change.  I have been using interupt level 10.  Here is my current
sdevice/icc file:

icc	Y	6	5	2	10	348	357	0	0

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

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