Unix on a T5200?

rick at tmiuv0.uucp rick at tmiuv0.uucp
Mon Jun 11 23:53:31 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun11.023538.7101 at esegue.segue.boston.ma.us>, johnl at esegue.segue.boston.ma.us (John R. Levine) writes:
> I am looking for a Unix system that I can take with me on trips, so as not to
> lose a moment's hacking time merely because I happen to be on top of some
> mountain with spectacular views or something.
[details deleted]
> The Toshiba
> T5200 appears to qualify nicely on every point except perhaps the last.  (It
> has one long and one short internal slot, enough for an internal Telebit modem
> and an Ethernet card.)  Has anyone actually run 386/ix or some other Unix on
> one?
[more details deleted]

I have a friend who runs 386/ix on his 5200 all the time.  Works fine, lasts
a long time  (or is that "Less filling...Tastes Great!" 8-)

Seriously, he does use it all the time.  I've played with it and it's pretty
darned fast about it, too.  Personally, I use ESIX on my boatanchor -- I don't
have a laptop.

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