How to make the tape streamer stream

Daniel A. Graifer dag at fciva.FRANKLIN.COM
Wed Jun 13 00:52:11 AEST 1990

Just to add my two cents.  We've tried all kinds of tricks to get the QIC-24
cartridges on our Prime EXLs (386/25 MultiBusII, SCSI, Maxtor Drives, unknown
tape maker, AT&T SysV 3.1) to stream.  Cpio -C, afio, etc.  Recently, we
re-MKFSed our user partitions with gap=1 as recommended by Prime for their new
fast file system (called Blocked-Bundled I/O).  Voila!  Tape streams
continuously using cpio -B. Fill a 60MB tape in about 15 minutes (vs. 35
before).  Draw what lessons you will from this.  (I've learned to at least TRY
what the vendor recommends!  Actually, I've wanted to do it for ages, I just
didn't have the full day to devote to backing up and restoring our two 663MB

Good luck,

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