Recovery diskette.

Adrian Miranda ade at clark.uucp
Sat Jun 30 11:00:38 AEST 1990

Thanks to those who responded to my question about creating a recovery
diskette that would create the correct number of partitions on my hard
drive.  (Conor P. Cahill, Steve Nuchia, and I think someone else.)

I do have a few more questions.  As a reminder we are running ESIX
System V R3.2 on a Cheetah 486, and the regular install procedure
refuses to create enough partitions.  I want a diskette that will
partition the drive then load the backup off tape after a hard drive
failure.  It was suggested that I keep a copy of the final
/etc/partitions on my diskette, and run mkpart to set up the
partitions.  Now, of course I need to run mkpart for the root, usr,
swap, etc, partitions.  But there are some extra entries in my
/etc/partitions file for reserved, alts, and trkalt, whatever those
are.  Do I need to run mkpart for these as well?  Also, when I run
mkfs, should I be specifying gap, and blocks/cylinder?  If so, how do
I determine gap?

Once again, if anyone has a working recovery diskette for UNIX/386, 
I would certainly be interested in seeing it, or at least the script
that does the work.  Thanks in advance.

Adrian Miranda

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