SysV3.2 doesn't know Postscipt. So what.

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Tue Jun 12 15:10:52 AEST 1990

dacseg at (Scott E. Garfinkle) writes:

|From article <51 at raysnec.UUCP>, by shwake at raysnec.UUCP (Ray Shwake):
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|>>Are the AT&T people stupid, or what? Did they think no one was ever going
|>>to use postscript? What shortsightedness. What a *pain*.

|I think it is foolish to say this.  Troff has been around since (at least)
|Version 6 Unix.

Yes and how long have postscript laser printers been around? Isn't it
something like six or seven years now? And how many people have them?
Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? And what percentage of those
are in AT&T's market? Lots.

So it doesn't make any sense to support a zillion AT&T printers, and a
whole bunch of dot matrix printers, and not postscript. And it only takes
a five line printer driver!

|Since AT&T doesn't even support DWB anymore, I can hardly fault them.  If
|you want a free typesetting package get TeX.  If you want troff, get Elan
|or a competitor.

I didn't ask for a free typesetting package. I just want the computer to be
able to shove a file at the printer. Nothing more. I have my own typesetting
software that outputs postscript.

|So get MS Word for Unix from SCO.  I'm curious where you got DWB for your 386;
|I thought the only way to get n/troff for the 386 was from Elan, et al., who
|all include postscript drivers.  Alternatively, get vp/ix and run your favorite
|DOS package under it.  I use MS Word.

I don't have DWB, and didn't claim I did. I don't *want* DWB but it looks like
I'll need it to typeset documentation from third party packages.

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