Unix on a T5200?

Sanand Patel sanand at hub.toronto.edu
Mon Jun 11 22:51:07 AEST 1990

johnl at esegue.segue.boston.ma.us (John R. Levine) writes:

>I am looking for a Unix system that I can take with me on trips, so as not to
>lose a moment's hacking time merely because I happen to be on top of some
>mountain with spectacular views or something.  Here are what I think I need:

>386DX, 20 MHz or better, 387 would be nice if I run X
>and an Ethernet card.)  Has anyone actually run 386/ix or some other Unix on
>one?  Is there some other machine I should be considering?  A lunchbox machine


I run SCO XENIX on a t5200/100. 4 MB RAM, 100 MB disk, 2400 modem (on exp.
slot) bus mouse. For my requirements XENIX was ok, but on retrospect I would
recommend SCO "Open Desk Top". The XENIX I have is a "full" installation.
I have allocated 80 MB for UNIX and 20 MB for DOS.
The SCO UNIX product is more costly.

Anyway the thing works. It runs e-mail, news, rn etc. One partition runs
DOS. My colleague says VP/ix will also run. To move the computer there
is only the phone and power cord to unplug. It goes into a non-descript
nylon bag. Takes 2 minutes to "shutdown" and pack up.
About 16-20 lbs, you can lug it on one shoulder and still carry
other luggage. Also on retrospect I should have bought the telebit high
speed modem. (By the way this is a company machine). Since I bought my
machine other 386 machines have appeared. The only reasons I might consider
a machine other tthan he Toshiba  are (a) the toshiba is not the cheapest and
(b) other laptops have the "paper white" screen. Other than this, I am so far
very happy with the machine (5 months).

I have not been able to find out if 4 MB is enough for a single user and
X-Windows (Open Desk Top) and SCO UNIX1. But they tell me 8 MB is enough (!).

sp90!sanand at lsuc.on.ca

(PS: Drop me some mail if you have further questions.)

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