i486, ISC 2.0.2, VPIX, Orchid Prodesigner Plus = bad news

Ira Baxter baxter at zola.ICS.UCI.EDU
Mon Jun 4 15:06:20 AEST 1990

I wanted VPIX VGA, plus 1024x768 under X11.  I tried this combination, as I
had feedback from one soul that indicated this works.


VPIX + Prodesigner locks up in funny ways; once you lock up the
/dev/console, you have to re-boot.  Commenting out VGAROM, EGAROM in
various combinations in vpix.cnf doesn't have a beneficial effect.
I'm going to hassle Orchid in the morning, but I don't hold out much
hope; the last time I talked to them, they said ISC was working on it.
ISC only says there "are known problems with the Orchid board", but it
wasn't said in a way that gave me faith that anybody at ISC was
looking into it or expected to solve it anytime soon.

Everything else about this system works great with Unix and DOS.

In the meantime...  I'm considering returning the Orchid board.
Anybody used the STB VGA board like this?  There is another VGA board
claimed by ISC to operate 1024x768 under X; since the docs aren't at
this site, I can't remember which it is, but if you have it, you'll
know; any remarks?


Ira Baxter

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