Interlan NI5210 with 33 MHz 386 problem

Winfried Koenig win at
Sat Jun 16 08:17:19 AEST 1990

I use ISC 386/ix Ver. 2.0.2 with TCP/IP Ver. 1.1.2 and would
like to install this system on a 33 MHz 386 machine with
the Interlan NI5210 ethernet controller. On this machine the
installation of networksoftware fails printing the message:

ni0: macinit: 82586 not responding to hardware reset.

I use I/O address 0x360, base address 0xd0000 and interrupt 5.
The NI5210 diagnostics reports no error with this setup.
Is the 33 MHz CPU clock the problem?

If anyone can give me any hints and tips, I'd be very grateful!


Winfried Koenig
win at

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