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> >	I have just installed Interactive Version 2.2 (this is a new 
> >site) and am having a problem with xedit.  When I try to load a large 
> >C file (>1500 lines; I didn't write it, I simply have to maintain it) 
> >xedit exits and puts up the message "Memory fault".  UNIX does not 
> >panic so I don't think this is a real memory error, but I didn't see 
> The "memory fault" message is probably from your shell when it detects that
> the xedit program aborted because the kernel caught it trying to go outside
> of it's memory space.  This kind of problem is usually caused by a bad
> or by running off the end of an array.  Since you are trying to edit a large
> file I would bet that xedit is running off the end of an array.
> Anyway, UNIX *should* not panic no matter what your program tries to do.

Yes, the xedit client is very buggy.  It will core dump anytime you attempt
to performa a "profound operation", like, oh... save a file bigger than your
.profile.  ;-)    Seriously, it has some problems, the BUGS section of the 
man page is all too brief, it only mentions two problems, neither of them
nearly as critical as those mentioned above.  

I normally just use vi in an xterm...

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