ISC 2.2 Installation Troubles

paul paul at infotel.UUCP
Tue Jun 26 13:10:13 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun22.052443.184 at>, art at (Art Neilson) writes:
> Has anyone had any difficulties installing the new ISC 2.2 release ??

	Yes I have the same problem

> After inserting the install
> disk, I hit enter and an INTERACTIVE Operating Systems copyright
> notice appears.  The system reads the floppy for a minute or so after
> this, and another copyright notice appears.  The system reads the floppy
> for about 30 seconds more, then stops.  forever.

	After breaking out and modifing all the install scripts to do
	echo's after almost every step, the problem seems to be in their
	user interface (ui).

> ISC 2.0.2 installs *just fine* on my system, it's quite stable.
> I suppose some configuration info may be helpful, so here goes ;^) I have
> a 33MHz 386 TransComputer main board with 8MB RAM, and a ST4383E hard
> disk driven by an Adaptec 2322B-8 controller.

	My system is a 33Mhz NIC system (micronics knock off)
	with 8MB ram 32K cache, pheonix bios,
	a micropolis 1588 & cdc wren 7 on an adaptec
	1542 controler and a monochrome display adapter.  I have tried
	different diaplay adapters up thru VGA with no help (Interactive
	said it _had_ to be a bad display adapter).  I installed these
	same disk as a test on another machine without problems to 
	remove any doubt as to the integrety of the disk's.

Just give me the old fashion install scripts without pick lists and 
all the fancy stuff and I sure it would install.

Paul Bilke
StarTel Inc.
(texsun|ut-emx)!infotel!paul	1(409)779-2830)

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