Interactive on old Compaq DeskPro

pogo possum pogo at iti.uucp
Thu Jun 7 03:02:26 AEST 1990

I've been having problems trying to boot Interactive's UNIX on a 
Compaq DeskPro. The box has 2M of 32-bit & 4M of 16-bit memory. The
symptom is:  boot loader say "Loading Interactive UNIX...", a short
time passes after it stops hitting the floppy, then the system reboots.

My guess is that the problem is due the the way Compaq maps it's memory
by reserving 256K at the top of the first meg but... ;-( Any suggestions
or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated since I'm currently dead
in the water.
				Pogo (a possum of some consequence)

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