Wanted: BSD style "w" for System V

Jim Heasley heasley at bu-ast.bu.edu
Sat Jun 16 12:45:06 AEST 1990

I'd like to get a copy of code that implements the BSD "w" command under
System V (I'm running Intel System V 3.2.2).  I tried the version on
Simtel20 pd2:<unix-c.sysadmin>syscheck-sysv.tar-z, but it won't compile
with either Intel's C or GCC.  (I believe this was originally posted to
comp.sources.misc.) I found that a couple of includes were missing but
after I put them in I got more errors about missing structures further
into the code which I couldn't figure out and gave up. 

If someone has a copy of this that really works would you please mail me
the source code?  Thanks. 

Jim Heasley

Department of Astronomy
Boston University (on leave from Univeristy of Hawaii)

Internet:	heasley at bu-ast.bu.edu
Bitnet:		heasley at buasta

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