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In article <22090 at boulder.Colorado.EDU> bouguett at boulder.Colorado.EDU (Athman Bouguettaya) writes:
 >This question might have been asked before but I spent a fair
 >amount of time trying to figure out how I could use a pixmap 
 >directly to set for instance the background of a window.  I copied
 >the gif file from an ftp site.  I then used giftoxwud to get an x
 >dump.  I then used the xwudtoppm to get a pixmap.  One more thing,
 >The X manuals I have do not have anything about reading a Pixmap.
 >Thank you in advance for your help.

Ppm format within the pbmplus utilities is NOT an X pixmap format but a
P)ortable P)ixM)ap format.  You have to use some type of utility to convert
data from the ppm format into an X format.  Unfortunately there is no current
standard X pixmap file format, but I believe there is work going on to create
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