can Sys. V Rel. 3.2 support > 16MB RAM when can only DMA to <= 16MB?

Scott Weikart weikart at arisia.Xerox.COM
Sun Jun 3 12:46:41 AEST 1990

In article <9628 at arisia.Xerox.COM>, weikart at arisia.Xerox.COM (Scott Weikart) writes:
> But can V.3.2 handle a swap partition on a
> remote machine?

I just read the "386/ix Network Connections Facilities Release Notes - Release
2.0".  The next to last item in the list of bugs is "Swap devices cannot be
remote...".  So much for that idea.  How about my other idea: will the kernel
support the MEMRANGE no-DMA parameter in /etc/default/boot without any
assistance from the disk driver?
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