SVR3.2.2 on an EISA machine?

Wm E. Davidsen Jr davidsen at sixhub.UUCP
Mon Jun 4 11:58:53 AEST 1990

In article <1990May31.185133.21581 at> jxf at (Jerry Frain) writes:
| My brother works for a company who is going to purchase a Compaq 486
| machine and wants to run UNIX on it.  He has talked with an AT&T
| reseller who claims that SVR3.2.2 won't run on an EISA machine, and
| that he will have to wait for 4.0.

  Not true. I have run SCO and ISC UNIX (and Xenix) on both Dell and HP
486 EISA machines in the last few weeks and they work fine. What is true
is that the DMA from the AT bus only goes to 16MB. Some flavors of UNIX
can be told that some memory doesn't DMA. There are two ways to bypass
this in the driver, one by going through low memory, and one by using
CPU for i/o (ala some 386 versions).
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