Unix on a T5200?

Ken Lerman lerman at stpstn.UUCP
Sat Jun 16 04:54:08 AEST 1990

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Re: Toshiba 5200
>with the Toshiba, but have also heard that a special driver may be required
>to support the on-board VGA plasma screen. Anyone know for sure?
>Though it IS pricey, it's also the class act in portable UNIX boxes. The
>recently announced portable Sparcstation from Toshiba, once it arrives in
>the U.S., will probably be more of a niche product - at twice the price of
>the 5200. Would LOVE to see that model's screen replace that of the 5200...
>higher resolution, easier on the eyes.

I have run 386ix on the Toshiba 5200.  I got the software from
Toshiba, but as far as I can tell, it used a standard VGA driver.

I am presently running SCO Unix on the same machine.  The only problem
I had with it is getting a boot disk on 3-1/2 media.  This is
out-of-box SCO Unix Release 3.2 and requires no special drivers.

The machine is very fast and a delight to use.  I can't say anything
about Toshiba support because I haven't needed any.  (I find SCO
support people to be helpful and well informed, but working in a
system which does its best to isolate them from the customer and to
make them appear unresponsive.)

I love my 5200.


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