Why is /dev/lp slow?

Marc Siegel smarc at wb3ffv.ampr.org
Fri Jun 8 14:24:09 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun1.184946.17448 at cbnewsl.att.com>, rubin at cbnewsl.att.com (Mike Rubin) writes:
> In article <110 at westmark.UU.NET> dave at westmark.UU.NET (Dave Levenson) writes:
> >Just upgraded from AT&T SysV/386r3.2 to SysV/386r3.2.2.  Nothing in
> >the hardware has changed....
> >Since upgrading to 3.2.2, the printer has slowed to about 30 cps or so.
> Any other board in the system (whether it has a Unix driver installed
> or not) using interrupt 7, will cause this behavior -- it will eat
> some of the interrupts that come from the lp port.
> Make sure you have no extraneous boards in your box.
> --Mike Rubin <mike at attunix.att.com>

I'm not so sure thats the only reason for the slowdown. I run the same
release and had an Okidata u84 printer on /dev/lp0 & it prints fine.
Yesterday I got an Epson fx286e, plugged it in, and it prints SLOW.

Anybody know why this might happen???

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