Where do AT&T C compiler bug reports go?

Dr. T. Andrews tanner at cdis-1.compu.com
Sat Jun 2 07:09:16 AEST 1990

I'll admit that I've heard that AT&T has shown limited interest in
compiler bug reports.  From where I sit, microsoft seems to be in
a similar position.  Working through our vendor, we've turned in
rather a lot of bug reports on their compiler.  Mostly they get

Does anyone know if any of the following are fixed with SCO UNIX?
Some of them have been in the microsoft compiler (reported but not
fixed) for considerable time.  Rumor has it that SCO is planning
to phase out xenix over time, and I don't know what they'll be using
for a compiler with unix.

For that matter, does anyone know if they have put any effort at
all into the lint?

0380101	15-Jan-87	code-gen bug (register union doesn't work)
(a picky one: declare a union of pointers to save a register.
compiler does not put it in registers as instructed. ref #0380101)

r050120	16-Jan-87	_doprnt() fails to work, example "pfc154.c"
(if you use "%.*s" or "%.ns" for n being a digit, and your string
runs to the end of memory, it dumps core, even if your limit is OK.
this is a run-time problem.  fixed on `386, ref #r050120)

	09-Dec-88	"lint" blows ternary operator type (pfc234.c)
(for expression A ? B : C, "lint" thinks that the type is that of A.)

	13-Mar-89	dos rename args backwards (pfc243.c)
(the arguments to the rename() function must be reversed or you
will get unexpected results.)

s199287	11-Aug-89	that loop-opt bug & friends (pfc253.c)
(there's a rather nasty bug in the optimizer.  thanks, microsoft;
I blew a lot of time thinking that there was a bug in MY code!
ref #s199287)

58-1012	30-Nov-89	cc-386 bungles "extern const" (pfc262{a,b}.c)
("extern const char cd_txt[]" may generate garbage in object file.
ref #58-1012)

58-1160	25-Jan-90	ming's "cc -Oa" bug (pfc267.c)
(there's a bug in the alias detection mechanism.  ref 58-1160)

T245195	08-Feb-90	compiler core dump on unknown symbol (pfc266.c)
(under certain circumstances, the compiler dumps core. ref #TS-245195)

S256693	26-Mar-90	"maxint" error (pfc269.c)
(for 16-bit machines, certain comparisons are done wrong. ref S-256693)
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