SYNC or swim (was Re: ??)

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Sun Jun 17 18:42:56 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun14.050631.8587 at> arch at (Arch Harris) writes:
>In response to an earlier article (I don't know the "subject"),
>there is a bug in the XENIX emulator for SCO UNIX.  Programs which
>open for reading and/or writing with O_SYNC set will not work.
>SCO has been notified of the bug, they have acknowledged it, and
>presumable they are working on a bug fix.
>    Arch Harris                 arch at hub.cs.JMU.EDU (

I thought that in XENIX, the flag in question was known as "O_WSYNC".

My understanding is that O_SYNC is unique to System V, Release
2.something or 3 and higher...  and that it never existed in XENIX.

Are we talking about two different things, or was that a typo?

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