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In article <1990Jun07.181253.3095 at uhura.neoucom.EDU-> wtm at uhura.neoucom.EDU (Bill Mayhew) writes:
->Wanting bugless BSD 4.3 / Sys V r 4 / Sun-os, or whatever, MS-DOS
->functionality, display Postscript, etc. all in a lap-top computer
->is a darn tall order.
->Toshiba is probably the closest to doing it all in a laptop in one
->place at one time.  ....
->Toshiba also has, available only in Japan, a machine that is based
->on the SPARC CPU chip.  Boy would I love to have one of those.  If
->Toshiba imports it to the US, the projected list price is supposed
->to be around $10K (US funds).

I saw this beastie in the Sparc booth at Comdex in Atlanta last week.

They might bring it to the US next year.  Price they are talking about is

It's a Sparc station, portable, LCD display with 1024 x 9??.  And it's fast.
They rate it at 13.5 Vax Mips.  Pretty impressive for something that fits in
your briefcase.  I saw it, I wanted it, but would have no use for it - a
really neat toy, and a great too I imagine for some people.

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