MKS toolkit or Coherent for use on a laptop computer

Stephen J. Friedl friedl at mtndew.UUCP
Fri Jun 29 00:26:43 AEST 1990

Bill Mayhew writes:

> I've used the MKS toolkit and can testifly that it is very nearly
> an indispensible aid for the DOS environment.

I gotta put in my two cents worth here.  The MKS Toolkit is
everything they claim and more.  I was losing my mind on a DOS
project and was wondering how any person with a brain could
actually use that environment.  I ordered the MKS Toolkit to help
save my sanity and it was wonderful.  They provide everything to
help make it look Just Like UNIX, and they have succeeded in a
big way (for instance, they provide a useful "ps"). The
documentation is *outstanding*.  I could not live without this


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