How: Remote print spooling (ISC 2.0.2 -> BDS 4.3)?

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Sun Jun 10 03:56:29 AEST 1990

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>>I would greatly appreciate it if someone (Hey! How 'bout YOU!?) would be good
>>enough to point me in the direction of the information/instructions I need to
>>get my ISC 2.0.2 system to be able to use a networked (TCP/IP, NFS) BSD4.3
>>machine (VAX-11/785) for its attached printer devices.
>If anyone has useful info here, I, too would appreciate it.  Please
>post.  (In my case, going from AT&T 6386s to Sun 3 hosts).

I posted information regarding this a while ago, but here it is again.

Mon May 21 12:49:15 PDT 1990

While 386/ix (tm Interactive) has a number of network services from BSD,
lpr is not one of them. This does not cause a real problem, as the
shell scripts of lp can be used to perform remote printing. It is
not a very good solution when interacting with other Sun or BSD

Jonathan C. Broome <wilbur!jon> did the original port to 386/ix from the
freed lpr sources. I added a few modifications, and re-did the context
diffs from the tar file on uunet (~ftp/bsd-sources/src/network/lpr.tar.Z)

No guarantee that this will work for you, but it works for me.

If you would like the diffs, please drop me mail. If there are too
many requests, I'll post the diffs to alt.sources.

Dave Rand
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