Tape backup performance on 386 ISA/EISA systems

Martin Weitzel martin at mwtech.UUCP
Fri Jun 8 09:37:14 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun6.205939.26972 at virtech.uucp> cpcahil at virtech.uucp (Conor P. Cahill) writes:
>A while back I posted a request for performance data on miscellaneous 
>I am trying to collect data on the performance of the different tape
>backup systems.
>If you do run the test please send me the following info:
	CPU: 20 MHz 80386 (ACER 32/20 w 8 MB RAM)
	Tape drive: Archive 60MB 1/4" Cartridge (FT 60 & SC 422R)
	Disk Drive & controller: CDC WREN V (383H) & WD 1007V-SE2
	OS: 386/ix Release 2.0.2
	Command: /bin time sh -c "find /usr -print | cpio -ocO /dev/tape"
	Time: Real: 9:08.5	User: 21.6	System: 2.38.3
	Size of file system: 68338 blocks (reported by du -s)
			     80066 blocks written by cpio

I have played around with my tape in the last few days and have
written some test programs to see where the bottle necks are.
If you are interested in this topic read my other article.
Martin Weitzel, email: martin at mwtech.UUCP, voice: 49-(0)6151-6 56 83

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