SCSI Tape Drives for SCO ODT

Bill England wengland at stephsf.UUCP
Wed Jun 6 06:25:47 AEST 1990

  Sysgen,  Inc. is selling a SCSI tape drive called the TS250.  
  I called their Technical Support, +1 408 263 1171, and talked
  to Andy about it's compatibility with SCO Unix.  The word is
  that the TS250 *is* an Archive 2150S with some modifications
  to is SCSI adaptor software so that it can back up 250MB or
  500MB of data.  ( The 500MB unit some how combines two drives
  and when one fills up the next volume automaticly starts. )

  DOES ANYONE currently use Sysgens drives or if I get one will
  I be a pioneer? ( I really hate running around in the jungle
  with a machete :-)

  ( Please *post* any discrepancys or errors found with this article. )

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