Need termcap for vt100 and vt220

Roger Droz roger at gtisqr.uucp
Wed Jun 6 11:06:09 AEST 1990

What is the "standard" termcap/terminfo description for a vt100 number
pad in "application mode"?  

Of course, I know I can map it almost any way I want, but we may some
day purchase an application from a third party (such as WordPerfect)
that depends on the application pad operating in some de-facto
standard way.  Also, the cursor arrow keys can operate in "normal" or
"application" mode.  How are these typically treated?

A vt100 has function keys PF1 - PF4, so I'm sure one tactic is to
generate more function keys.   Also, the vt100 doesn't have keys labeled
next/previous screen, etc.  Another tactic would be to give the number
pad keys specific meaning -- something like simulating the IBM PC number pad.
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