SVR3.2.2 on an EISA machine?

Jerry Frain jxf at
Fri Jun 1 04:51:33 AEST 1990

My brother works for a company who is going to purchase a Compaq 486
machine and wants to run UNIX on it.  He has talked with an AT&T
reseller who claims that SVR3.2.2 won't run on an EISA machine, and
that he will have to wait for 4.0.

Is this true?  If so, can some of you kind folks out in netland refer
me to an UNIX-like OS that *will* work on an EISA machine?  Say
Interactive, or SCO.  I would appreciate a few comments about why
you prefer this particular OS, if possible.

To avoid starting a long and probably uninteresting discussion (in the
event that suggestions are made for Interactive vs. SCO vs. ?) I would
prefer e-mail.  I will summarize if there is any interest.

Thanks (very much!) in advance.


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