DTK motherboards and ISC 2.2?

Thomas David Rivers sastdr at unx.sas.com
Thu Jun 28 04:34:54 AEST 1990

   I noticed the recent discussion about DTK motherboards and ISC version 2.2.

   I was considering buying ISC v2.2, but I own the older DTK KEEN 2000 
  motherboard; so naturally, I am concerned.

   Do these problems relate strictly to the newer PEM2500 board, or would
  they be evident on my non-cacheing KEEN2000 board as well?  In other words,
  does anyone know if version 2.2 works on a DTK KEEN 2000 (20mhz) machine??

   If there are problems, does anyone know if ESIX runs well on a 
  DTK KEEN 2000?

   	- Any info is appreciated -

	   - Dave Rivers -
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