Dave Armbrust dma at pcssc.UUCP
Sat Jun 2 07:59:17 AEST 1990

>Is this ture? Look what I recived from the guy who called for vote. My
>no vote for this is neither accepted or rejected. (Perhaps he is keeping
>this as a mandatory. There is something funny here.
>>  I may not be able to count your vote as the voting period has been over
>>  30 days.  Eliot Lear said that all votes received after May 21st can not
>>  be counted even though all my call to vote indicated that the voting would
>>  not end until May 31st.  The guide lines do not indicate a maxium voting period.
>>  If you have a problem with this please email Eliot Lear at lear at
>>  or uunet!!lear.  If Eliot says it is ok to count your vote I will.

Yes this is true!  Not to worry all yes votes received after May 21st got
the same message!  Only votes received after May 21st got this message.

Elliot Lear has not let me know if I can count all votes received between May
21st and June 1st.  Please don't flame me I am just trying to follow the rules!
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