Which SCSI disk and tape drives for Xenix/UNIX

Lee Begeja[cwc] lee at ulysses.att.com
Fri Jun 8 00:34:53 AEST 1990

> >We're looking at SCSI drives (to run with the Adaptec 1542B SCSI controller
> >under SCO Xenix 386 GT).
> >The alternatives we are looking at, are: Micropolis 1684 which is a half-height
> >drive with 345 Mbytes after formating, and one of the Maxtor 300Mbyte drives.
> I've heard complaints from a number of people about Micropolis and
> excessive numbers of bad-blocks.

We have been using Micropolis ESDI drives in our AT&T 6386 machines for
over 2 years and we have not had any problems with the hard drive in any
of our 50 or so 6386's.  This is in contrast to a slew of problems
we had with Miniscribe drives in our 6300+ machines.

I am personally very happy with Micropolis and we dont have a problem
with excessive bad blocks. (my 2 drives have bad block counts of 13 and 3
which isn't excessive to me)

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