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Jean-Pierre Radley jpr at dasys1.uucp
Sun Jun 10 04:11:50 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun01.171139.6945 at liebert.uucp> esd at liebert.uucp (Eric Scott Deese) writes:
>I'm having a problem receiving xmodem downloads on
>my machine.  I have an IBM model 80 running SCO UNIX
>as well as VP/IX.  I'm attempting to connect to a
>local BBS that only supports xmodem.  I've tried
>using xcomm and xcmalt as well as procomm under
>VP/IX.  When I try a download, rb (xmodem receive
>binary) times out.  Sometimes I'll get four blocks,
>but mostly it just times out up front.  I've tried
>using the stock serial ports as well as intelligent
>ports on my Specialix board, all with and without
>modem control.  Same results everywhere.  Anyone
>have any ideas?

Re xcmalt:
I sometimes have found the same thing. Please realize that the
xmodem code in xcmalt is very simplified, and I haven't gotten
around to revising it.

What I find usually works a lot better is to start the send process
on the remote, then leave terminal mode and use the "$ rb", "$ rx", 
or "$ rz" as appropriate.

If the remote is a *nix, and I'm at a shell prompt on the remote, then
once again, leaving terminal mode to the XCMALT> prompt, I have good
luck with 
	$ echo sz ...options... ...filenames...
	$ echo sz ...options... ...filenames... ; rz

I find the former works on a fast trailblazer connection, while the
latter, with a forced local call to rz, seems more reliable at 2400bps.

Further, if you try the first form, and instead of seeing the ZMODEM
stuff, you get an XCMALT> prompt again, then just typing "$ rz" will do
it, thus in effect confirming that you should have used the second form.

I assume, in all this, that you do have the rzsz stuff on your machine...
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