X11 prob w/386ix 2.0.2

R A Lingelbach roblingelbach at cup.portal.com
Sat May 5 13:51:45 AEST 1990

If anyone can shed some light on the following problem, I'd much
appreciate it.

I'm having a problem getting X11 (Xwindows) to run with 386ix.
I have configured the asy driver and rebuilt the kernel to support the
Logitech serial mouse on COM2; then installed the X11 package and again
rebuilt the kernel.  I have installed the X3 "server" fix from Interactive,
which does not ask for a kernel rebuild.
The entry in /usr/lib/X11/Xconfig reads:

Resource        Type    Info            Display Device
mouse           LOGI-S  "1200 3"        0       /dev/tty01
display         EGA     "640x350 16 11x8" 0     /dev/console
keyboard        AT      101             0       /dev/console:dev/vt%02d

It won't come up when I issue "xinit" like it's supposed to...I get messages:
 WARNING: Cannot create TCP socket::no such file or directory

 Fatal server error: the Logitech mouse is not responding--check the connecti
 & try again. If it still fails, try unplugging & replugging the mouse.

 XIO: fatal I/O error 32 on xserver "??"  Broken pipe after 0 requests
 (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.  The connection was probably
 broken by a server shutdown or Kill client.
Since I don't have TCP/IP installed at the moment the first message is
"expected".  I do have the STREAMS facility installed.
The mouse problem I don't understand because the configuration is pretty
simple, and it responds in plain Unix if I use "cat < /dev/tty01" and
move the mouse around.

Is the I/O error due to the mouse problem?

Thanks in advance for pointing me in any helpful directions.

Rob Lingelbach
roblingelbach at cup.portal.com

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