Interactive UNIX 2.2

Allen Crider capslock at wet.UUCP
Wed May 30 12:01:43 AEST 1990

In article <40800013 at> brando at writes:
>As far as the pricing goes, it makes alot of sense for those would-be 
>buyers of Interactive 386, to buy the current version 2.0.2 at the
>current prices, since the upgrade to 2.2 is free....
Amazing to see Interactive charge such prices for their upgrade. SystemV.4
is overdue now--how are they going to compete when it finally hits the streets?
 I'd advise anyone who can stand the wait to wait for V.4. AT&T charges
lower license fees than for V.3. MAYBE these lower license fees will actually
get passed on to us dummies!

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