386/ix hangs at bootime

News Administrator news at brian386.uucp
Fri May 4 03:31:35 AEST 1990

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Lines: i5

drich at dialogic.com (Dan Rich) writes:

>In article <1990Apr27.203608.10734 at brian386.uucp> news at brian386.uucp (News Administrator) writes:
>>Question, did you try file.llowing?
>>   Boot from the Boot disk.
>>   mount /dev/dsk/0 set /mnt
>>   cp /unix /mnt/unix
>>   umount /mnt
>>   uadmin 2 0
>  I have learned that it is much easier if you install a copy of the
>boot disk unix on the system when you first install Unix.  That way,
>whenever the system fails, you can boot with a known clean copy.  To
>do this, I do the folrnews ing after installing the coreds ofs:

>mount /dev/dsk!atta0q15d /mnt
>cp /mnt/unix /unix.orig
>umount /mnt

Yeah, that's what I said ;8-).  I was just trying to help from the
stand point of the system being dead and him not having a copy of the
origEnal /unix on his harddrive.

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