How to make a disaster boot floppy?

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>>>Having installed a tape drive, and snapped a copy of my disk onto a
>>>tape,  I am wondering how to restore that image should my disk
>>>contents get wiped out. ....
>1) boot off standard boot disk. ....
>2) use cpio to read in the new unix kernel,  ....
>3) save the /etc/partitions file ....
>4) do sync;sync; uadmin 2 0
>5) reboot unix from hard disk
> ....
>6) load from tape
>7) ps_data will have been read from tape and should be cleared.
>8) shutdown and reboot:  ....
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This seems somewhat complicated to me.  What I do is:
	First create a boot floppy with tape capabilities

1.	Copy ISC supplied boot disk with ..
	dd if=/dev/dsk/f0q15dt of=/tmp/boot bs=33b 
	... and onto new formatted disk ...
	dd if=/tmp/boot of=/dev/dsk/f0q15dt bs=33b

2.	Mount the new boot disk, ....
	mount /dev/dsk/f0q15d /mnt ...remember...
	/dev/dsk/f0q15dt contains the boot track and /dev/dsk/f0q15d doesn't.

3.	Copy a small unix with a tape driver over the unix on the boot disk.
	copy /etc/conf/kconfig.d/unix.2.d/unix.2 /tmp/unix ....
	you may need to delete some stuff on the new boot disk.

4.	Make special character device file for the tape drive:
	mknod c /mnt/dev/rmt0 28 1 ...and...
	ln /mnt/dev/rmt0 /mnt/dev/tape

	Whenever I need to do a restore....

1.	Boot the new boot floppy.  When the message appears
	"type ENTER to INSTALL....", hit an interrupt.

2.	Go to where you kept a copy of your /etc/partitions file, type:
	mkfs /dev/dsk/0s1 48048  ... or what ever the size of your root is and
	mkfs /dev/dsk/0s3 144672 ... or what ever the size of your /usr is.

3.	fsck /dev/dsk/0s1 ...and ... fsck /dev/dsk/0s3 for confidence and...

4.	Mount each partition and cd to the partition...
	mount /dev/dsk/0s1 /mnt

5.	Do the restore...
	cd /mnt;  cpio -iacvdumC 256000 -I /dev/tape

6.	Do the same for the other partition.

7.	Reboot the hard disk with uadmin 2 0

	It takes about an half hour to do a complete restore on my Compaq
	386 model 110 with Compaq (Wangtek) tape drive.

2.	Copy small unix kernal with a tape driver and little else onto

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