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Wm E. Davidsen Jr davidsen at sixhub.UUCP
Thu May 3 09:04:26 AEST 1990

In article <60 at grumbly.UUCP> root at grumbly.UUCP (rb duc) writes:

|  I'm kind of suprised that a net moderator would try to stifle discussion
| with intimidating posts like this one.  It doesn't bother me much, but
| it well might keep some people from posting.  Do you really think these
| postings will have any effect on SCO's ( or any other vendors ) business?

  I don't see anything intimidating about my thinking you have an
emotional attachment to the issue, nor that I state doubt that SCO will
benefit from it. I certainly didn't make any statement based on being a
moderator, nor do I feel that I should fail to have an opinion on
things. I post any harsh opinions from my personal machine instead of a
work machine, but I don't think anything I said was in any way harsh.

  I know very well that postings affect sales. I have gotten mail over
the years saying that good or bad points I had mentioned had caused them
to make or change a decision. I don't think that any vendor is going to
make or break on the basis of these postings, but then all I said was
that I would have expected SCO to take a position on this, probably one
of hands off ("We are not the sponsors of this, we'll read it if it
happens but won't abandon the existing groups").
| Who do you think is going to pay any attention to what you say when you
| continue to fill your postings with blatant untruths ( lie is too strong
| a word ).

  Be careful what you say. I labeled most of what I wrote as opinion, to
avoid misleading anyone.
| Almost every posting I have made lately has been in response to the above
| and its like.  Hey, I've got other things to do besides explaining things
| to you.

  I have seen no evidence that you contribute anything to other groups,
and the volume of your indignant postings certainly doesn't leave much
time for other things. Look at the people who have been trying to
clarify the reasons why we don't need another group. There are a number
of people who are contributors (not just posters) in other groups,
moderators, members of standards groups, and contributors to source and
binary groups.

  People are not disagreeing with you because you are being unconvincing
and repitious, they are disagreeing with you because they think you're
WRONG. Stop taking it so personally.
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