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Tom Yager tyager at maxx.UUCP
Mon May 7 03:24:23 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr23.022051.14158 at ico.isc.com>, rcd at ico.isc.com (Dick Dunn) writes:
> tyager at maxx.UUCP (Tom Yager) writes about ISC and the coming-soon next
> release of 386/ix:
> > They're on the brink of shipping 2.2, which is a pretty massive overhaul.
> > It's ISC's answer to SCO System V,...
> Not to be too picky, but I think it would be more accurate to say that SCO
> System V is SCO's answer to 386/ix 2.0, those being the respective first
> releases based on AT&T's V.3.2, with the 386/ix release having been quite a
> bit earlier.  No biggie; I just don't want folks thinking we're playing
> catch-up on something we've already done.
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Ah, but you are being too picky, Mr. Dunn. I am well aware that ISC beat SCO
to market with V.3.2 (which isn't important now that they've both arrived). 
You missed my point completely.

SCO System V is loaded with lots of features that 386/ix 2.0.x doesn't have:
C2 security, menu-driven installation and man pages to name a few.
386/ix 2.2 includes two new features that I know of--man pages and menu-driven
installation--that would seem to be an answer to SCO's added value. During a
live demo of 2.2, I found ISC's new install procedure to be remarkably like

This should not detract from its worth, but I'll stick to my guns and say ISC
is playing catch-up, just not in the way you mean. To me, that's the way this
market should be. Competition keeps prices low, innovation flowing and vendors
honest. I'm curious to see what Intel will bring to the party.

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