X11R4 libraries for Interactive 386ix

Don Christensen djc at kesa.UUCP
Thu May 31 04:58:41 AEST 1990

Has anybody out there ported the X11R4 libraries to Interactive 386ix
Unix version 2.0.2?  I don't need the server, we use X terminals.  

If anybody has any experience with this or can give me any pointers,
please let me know by mail.  

My address is:  daver!kesa!djc at sun.com

Thank you for any help.

Don Christensen, Engineer      | ...sun!daver!kesa!djc, kesa!djc at daver.uu.net
Kesa Corporation               | "Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend;
Santa Clara, CA (408) 748-1814 |  they are all equal in the end."--Pink Floyd

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