Multiport Serial Boards...

Mark J. DeFilippis mark at promark.UUCP
Thu May 3 10:28:48 AEST 1990

In article <511637 at nstar.UUCP>, larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
> Computone - tech support is bad.  Real bad.  They do return telephone calls
> but have a hard time accepting the fact that some of the products do not work
> correctly.  I am using a Computone Intelliport, and after trying 4 different
> versions of drivers (and 3 sets of firmware) I finally found that 3.14 firmware
> and 4.31 drivers work just fine under 386/ix with bi-directional communications,hardware flowcontrol and modem locking.
> I'm happy with my Computone now - but I wouldn't want to try all the    
> different combinations of configurations that I did to get things to a
> state that works again.

I had similar experiences with Computone.  We came up their entire product
line from about 2.45 firmware.  Someone on the net , I believe it was Mike
Johnson at, had mentioned to me that the 3.14 firmware and 4.54
drivers for SCO Xenix, 4.49 Drivers for SCO Unix would solve all my
headaches.  Indeed he was right, and all is fine now.

On the plus side, I found that at Computone they were always bettering
the drivers and firmware.  On the negative side, I as did Larry, found they
had a difficult time accepting that there were problems.

I have also used Arnets boards with good results.  I would say you have
nothing to fear from either of these guys.

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