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In <1990May2.044758.22817 at cs.columbia.edu> ji at close.columbia.edu (John Ioannidis) writes:

>In article <70400005 at m.cs.uiuc.edu> carroll at m.cs.uiuc.edu writes:
>>I would like to have a local UUCP net running between my two machines over
>>ethernet. I have 3Com cards in the machines, and the normal network stuff
>>(rlogin, rcp, NFS, etc.) all work fine. What I need to know is how to tell
>>UUCP about it. The main sticking points have been

>It doesn't really make sense to run UUCP over ethernet. Why not use
>ftp or rcp (or just NFS) to transfer files, and sendmail for mail?

>>Any information or manual pointers would be great. I've looked through the
>>SysAdmin guide, and the TCP/IP guide without much luck. Thanks!

>Of course not! You are not supposed to do uucp that way. ANyway, if you 

Yes, you can do uupc over TCP, if your uucp supports this. That is what
the uucpd daemon is for.

You will need to have a login for the site with uucico as the shell and an
entry in your L.sys similar to the following:

site Polled TCP uucp site.internet-name

One reason to do uucp over tcp is for rnews without using NNTP. You can
also use it to avoid using sendmail's domain rewriting :-)
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