Equinox and Continental Computer

Gary Blumenstein garyb at crpmks.UUCP
Wed May 2 00:59:52 AEST 1990

In article <1990Apr27.151418.17471 at mccc.uucp> pjh at mccc.uucp (Pete Holsberg) 
>A number of people have responded to queries about multiport boards by
>recommending the Equinox MEGAPORT and Continental Computer Systems. 
>So I called them and got (fairly) local dealer names.  I'm in the
>process of contacting dealers now to get prices.
>So what's the big deal about contacting CCS?

While Continental Computer Systems is in fact a distributor limited to servicing
dealers and some fortune 500 accounts, they are not beyond helping out or 
providing information to the average end user.  This isn't just another
fly-by-night "schlok house".  Read on...

Where other distributors are mainly concerned with moving inventory, Continental
cradles their accounts with the best technical support in the business.  Very
few other distributors *really* understand the ins and outs of assembling 
UNIX/Xenix systems around multi-vendor platforms.  The people at Continental 
are very atuned to most, if not all the latest multi-serial I/O products 
including Equinox.  They are up on the latest SCSI technology, they know and 
can optimize Xenix applications better than anyone I know, and they are 
constantly testing things like X servers, LAN products, modems, Etc.   They 
are so involved with supporting their products that they routinely participate 
in engineering of device drivers and other design specifications.  They 
take beta testing to the extreme.

So what's the big deal about contacting them?  They turned me on to Equinox,
they know the technology better than anyone I could think of short of Equinox's
own engineers.  I didn't suggest that you, as an end-user would be able to 
purchase items directly from them, but they can answer your technical 
questions and you can be sure you're getting the right advice.

Personally, I have no vested interest in their business.  Their only claim to
fame with me is that they have helped this company out on numerous occasions
and have "saved my neck" with countless bug fixes.  In the 5 years I've
known them, I've seen the company grow from a relatively small operation,
into a multi-million dollar UNIX/Xenix outfit.   Since OEM's alone cannot 
handle the diverse knowledge needed to support their own products when 
used in real life situations, they are relying more and more on distributors
which can assume a technical responsibility on top of volume sales.  

Continental Computer Systems fills this category of badly needed dealer
service.  I would highly recommend them to the various ISC and SCO dealers 
and VARS on this net, esspecially if you're on the east coast.  

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The previous has been my totally UNSOLICITED opinions.   CCS, keep up the 
good work!
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