the wonders of SCSI

Gregory G. Woodbury ggw at wolves.uucp
Sun May 27 19:29:00 AEST 1990

SCSI Easy?!?!?!

I'v just spent the evening and night tring to get a maxtor 330MB scsi up
and working with ISC 2.0.2.  The drive is there, but there is no manual
entries to RTFM for getting the thing integrated into the damn system.

A little more info:  primary AT standard controller with 2 80 MB disk
drives each split into 2 sections (root/usr on 0  and  news/bbs on 1).
These drives fsck and mount quite well.  (even if the /etc/partitions no
longer correctly ids the drives! HELP on recovery for /etc/partitions is
also needed.)   The maxtor and adaptec 1542A (intr and dma and such are
all correct.) are in place and work (sort of!).  I can mkfs/fsck/fsstat
the scsi drive (as /dev/dsk/c1d0s0 or c1d0p0) BUT! no variant of
/etc/mount will let me mount the device any where on the filesystem!

	mount: /dev/dsk/c1d0s0 no such device

stringing the mount command is non-revealing.  It doesnt even go look at
the device before telling that.  The fsck does play with the correct
disk, but mount is obstinate.

	There is some strange conflict between the release notes/os
guide/ and what trivial items there are in the docs.

	Any help appreciated.  It's been a

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