Word Perfect for SCO Unix

Jim Gottlieb jimmy at denwa.info.com
Sat May 26 16:54:45 AEST 1990

In article <102530 at convex.convex.com> kemp at convex1.convex.com (Phil Kemp) writes:
>>5.0 is very nearly out for Xenix only.
>This 5.0 will not run on SCO UNIX
> 5.0 for SCO UNIX will be out sometime in the late summer.

I had called a local dealer a few weeks back and was told that I would
have no problem running the new 5.0 on our 386/ix system.  Knowing
never to trust dealers, I called WP Corp. and asked them just to make
sure.  They emphatically told me that it would not work.  They said
that they had expected the 5.0 Xenix port to run under 386 Unix because
of the built-in Xenix compatibility, but that this has not been the
case.  They specifically mentioned printing as one area that won't
work (that's enough for me).

Oh well.  Looks like we'll stick with Smart 3.1 for now.

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