MS-C under VP/ix

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Fri May 25 02:22:39 AEST 1990

In article <1244 at westmark.UU.NET> dave at westmark.UU.NET (Dave Levenson) writes:
>  Just got the new
>MS-C, version 6.0.  When I compile with the /Zi or /Zd options,
>I get an executable that won't run in this environment -- it
>attempts to execute a privileged instruction somwhere, and causes
>UNIX to trap and shut down the VP/ix process.
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Dave, it may help if you explicitly use a /G0 flag to msc.  That should
force the compiler to use *only* 8086 instructions.  It may very well be
that the compiler is doing some auto-processor-type-detect, and since
some significant set of (non-privileged) 80386 instruction formats will
actually work in 80386 V86 mode, it is incorrectly (semi-correctly?)
flagging the machine as an 80386.
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