I will not honor comp.unix.sco

Chip Rosenthal chip at chinacat.Unicom.COM
Fri May 25 13:52:12 AEST 1990

In article <188 at shiloh.UUCP> kmoore at shiloh.UUCP (kirk moore) writes:
>[Re: there is a Microport group; why not SCO?]
>I seem to have developed a case of foot-n-month. So I pick up the nearest rock
>and crawl under it. Sorry for the bandwidth of use for a silly message.

Don't worry about it.  There were probably dozens of folks who were
thinking this; you were the one bold enough to stand up and ask.  There
were four or five posted responses; none of which flamed you to a crisp.
That is because the folks who disagree with the idea understand where it
comes from.  So, thanks for the opportunity to set the record straight. :-)

Be that as it may, the problem might be fixed soon.  Check out Chip
Salzenberg's (no...not me...the other-other chip) posting in news.groups.
We appear to be closing on a vote which will include a microport->sysv286
rename.  I think the holdup at this point is getting the silly comp.unix.sco
vote over.  We are now into the 6th week of this nonsense.  So much for
the 21-day recommendation...

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