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> I need to get a twisted pair ethernet card.  The guy at ESIX said
> that they only supported thin/thick ethernet cards from 3COM,
> WD and Everex.  Is there a difference between a thick or thin ethernet
> card from 3COM and a twisted pair ethernet card from them, if they
> make one, that would make the card require a different driver? 

I would imagine that they'd work, though I won't swear to it.  The twisted
pair stuff has to do with the transceiver hardware.  I'd think that the
driver would be the same.  You should call 3-Com and ask them.

In fact, Black Box has a device which will convert from 15 pin AUI
cables to twisted pair.  It's a completely external box which sells for
$149.  So, you could get a thickwire (AUI) board and this box and not worry.
Your computer would have a standard thickwire board (which ESIX likes) and
the network would be twisted pair.  If you want the catalog number of the
Black Box goodie, it's in the May 1990 catalog on page 156.  Catalog number
TK-LE111A, $149.  Black Box can be contacted at (412) 746-5530.  Their
technical info line is (412) 746-5565 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to
8 p.m. Eastern time.

No, I don't work for Black Box.  I just like their stuff.  It's inexpensive
and works well.

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