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> Interactive has done this with 386/ix.  Here is what I get when I run the
> following command:  (Note that I am using the raw, not the block, floppy
> device.)
> $ find . -print | sort | cpio -ovB > /dev/rdsk/f0q15dt
> Reached end of medium on output.
> If you want to go on, type device/file name when ready.

You can avoid having to retype the device name if you use the -O option,
$find . -print | sort | cpio -ovB -O /dev/rdsk/f0q15dt
And when it's time to change diskettes all you have to do is press return.
I've not tried it, but I suspect you could specify a full cylinder for the
blocking factor with the -C argument and maybe have fewer physical I/O

[ ... ]
> new one.  If your cpio doesn't do this, complain to your vendor.  Of course,
> your floppy and/or tape drivers have to be well behaved as well if this is
> going to work.  If they aren't well behaved, complain to your vendor.

If you're going to tape I highly recommend the -C argument.  It lets you
specify the physical block size.  The ISC cpio inadvertantly adds a zero
for you (I say -C512000 he uses -C5120000) so watch out that you don't
require more buffer than you have memory.  If you do that it will go to
swap space and you lose a lot of time splashing back and forth.  On ssbn
(10Mb) I use -C 512000 -O /dev/tape and on inebriae (4Mb) I use -C 51200
-O /dev/tape.  When it's time to put in the next volume I just wait for the
tape to rewind, stick in the next cartridge and press return.

> I hardly ever use tar, so I can't offer any suggestions there.

Me neither, but I have a neighbor who does and he gets his tape to stay
streaming.  Even at -C 512000(0) I get six or so physical records (tape
stops, writes record mark and gap and proceeds) per I/O event.  GNU tar
seems to pour it out all at once and he gets one tape record per I/O event.
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