ESDI caching disk controllers: Reprise

Gerry Gleason gerry at zds-ux.UUCP
Sat May 5 02:31:59 AEST 1990

In article <1990May3.050416.14124 at> richard at pegasus.UUCP (Richard Foulk) writes:
>>> With a 768K cache memory on one card I routinely get 32% cache hits
>>> and with 4Mb on the one in ssbn I get 48-52% cache hits.

>The disk cache is certainly a win with MESS-DOS since it doesn't have
>any idea what to do with more memory.  I think that's where these
>boards are coming from.

Not quite, there are caching drivers that can be installed on top of your
regular drivers.  We ship such a thing with DOS, but don't ask me about
it since I haven't even used it.

Gerry Gleason

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