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Clinton Jeffery cjeffery at cs.arizona.edu
Sat May 26 13:19:44 AEST 1990

>From article <136279 at sun.Eng.Sun.COM>, by plocher at Eng.Sun.COM (John Plocher):
> +-- In <1990May25.004135.351 at ico.isc.com> rcd at ico.isc.com (Dick Dunn) writes
>...Some ISC guy was talking affordable X machine, and some Sun guy tried
>to plug a Sparc...

C'mon, dude, Sun won't even talk to people who need a standalone system,
qty. 1 (like, at home for instance); if they did, they'd want zillions.
Even your Sparc advertisement leaves out a lot of things (like the tape
drive required to read the tape you listed).  Anyhow, you were right
about 1 thing: X is a lot more pleasant on a 10+ mips machine.  I really
like the color Sun I use at work.  The only way I can hope to approximate
it for $5K at home is to think 486, SVGA, ESIX, assemble-it-myself...

Of course, I am VERY open-minded; if you Sun guys want to show me how I
can get a complete solution at home for $5K this summer, go for it!!!
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