X11 prob w/386ix 2.0.2

Bill Kennedy bill at ssbn.WLK.COM
Sun May 6 23:29:40 AEST 1990

In article <29614 at cup.portal.com>, roblingelbach at cup.portal.com (R A Lingelbach) writes:
> If anyone can shed some light on the following problem, I'd much
> appreciate it.

[ X11 configured with Logitech serial mouse on COM2, /dev/tty01 ... ]

> Since I don't have TCP/IP installed at the moment the first message is
> "expected".  I do have the STREAMS facility installed.

Yes, that's normal, it has to complain because it can't make the connection
that it "expects".  Shortly after that, however, you should get the root

> The mouse problem I don't understand because the configuration is pretty
> simple, and it responds in plain Unix if I use "cat < /dev/tty01" and
> move the mouse around.

Try telling xconfig that you have a Mouse Systems mouse rather than a
Logitech serial.  That has worked for me and others with the same problem.
I promise you that unplugging and plugging the mouse again will do little
more than wipe the connector pins.

> Is the I/O error due to the mouse problem?

I think it has to do with the driver and mouse not getting out of the same
side of the bed at the same time.  The MSC mouse driver is less fussy and
seems to work when the Logitech driver doesn't.

> Thanks in advance for pointing me in any helpful directions.
> Rob Lingelbach
> roblingelbach at cup.portal.com

I'd love to take credit for this pearl, but John Crittendon from SunRiver
told me about it (uunet!sunriv!johnc).  Also, stick with 1200 baud for
the serial mouse.  Faster isn't better, it might not even work at all.
I don't know why MSC works better than the Logitech definition, but it
does.  Please try this and confirm that it solven your problem (if it did)
so that my statistical sample size exceeds three :-)
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