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Wed May 9 16:36:14 AEST 1990

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>I read recently in a trade rag, that the new Norton Utilities *will* be able
>to restore deleted files.  Does anyone have any more information on this?

Quite True. UnErase(tm) is also guaranteed to be able to restore your deleted
files for as long as your customization parameters request.  It isn't
an unused sector twiddler like the original UnErase(tm) from DOS.
There are also 16 other handy utilities including a low-level sector
editor (scary huh?) called Disk Explorer, a directory tree browser, and
a whole raft of other goodies.  If you would like any additional information
please let me know.

>It is supposed to be out this month (May) - for Interactive's unix.  Is it
>going to be able to do its tricks on SCO ?

Yup, it's due out this month for 386/ix (and AT&T System V for 386).  We have
also announced ports for later this year to HP, Sun, and SCO.

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